Script Analysis

Image of a person with laptop taking notes on paper notebook

One of the few acclaimed screenwriters to offer this service, Jim Jermanok will do a complete and thoroughly professional Script Analysis, which will cover all important elements of your script.

  • Diagnosis—Is the script ready to be seen by the industry? There are no second chances! Is a restructuring, rewrite or polish necessary?
  • Genre—Are you obeying the genre parameters?Readability—What will producers, directors and readers think of reading your script?
  • Characterization—Are the lead and secondary characters three-dimensional?
  • Dialogue—Does the dialogue ring true? Does each of the characters have their own voice?
  • Originality—Are there similar films or TV films that have been done or are in development/production? How distinctive is your story? Theme?
  • Format—Any major transgressions that will dissuade the gatekeepers from seriously considering your script?
  • Visuals—Are your visuals interesting enough?
  • Marketability—How marketable is your script? Any specific companies/producers immediately come to mind?
  • Notes—General and specific notes given to you by phone. Minimum: 1 hour.

If you are interested Jim Jermanok’s script analysis service,
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