Everyone should read this book!MARTIN LANDAU, Oscar-winning Actor
A concise, easy-to-read and fabulously serviceable guide to finding your way round the apparently complex, baffling and unwelcoming world of the creative media. Few people are in a better position than Jim Jermanok, who has done it all, to guide the novice and even the experienced practitioner. Highly recommended.STEPHEN FRY, Actor, Writer, Director
Jim Jermanok’s “Beyond the Craft” are the CliffsNotes for people hoping to make it in the business of creative pursuit; a MapQuest tour through the baffling and congested world of entertainment and media.STEVE KROFT, CBS News Correspondent for “60 Minutes,” 5-time Peabody Award Winner
The advice in this book is so spot on; it’s like having a father in Show Business.EDDIE FELDMANN, Executive Producer, Writer and 5-time Emmy Award winner (“HBO’s Dennis Miller Live”)
Jim Jermanok knows the film business from all sides. As a successful writer, director, producer and agent, Jim has assembled his vast knowledge of the business into an invaluable compilation of tips and tools for what it takes it make it in Hollywood. Do yourself a favor and buy this book!BETTINA GILOIS, Award-winning Screenwriter, “McFarland"starring Kevin Costner, “Bessie” starring Queen Latifah, “Glory Road”
As a talent manager and producer, I did a lot of what is covered in this book instinctively over the years, but it certainly would have been useful to have had a reference book like this available early in my career.RICHARD BAKER, Producer, Manager of Tim Allen, Drew Carey
I took my own, hard route to my career and I wish I’d had this book at the start. It would have been so helpful! It should be compulsory reading for all university students with creative majors worldwide.ALUNA FRANCIS, star of global recording group AlunaGeorge
Film directors and other creative professionals must constantly re-invent ourselves, fight the blues, the self-doubt . . .We are increasingly forced to function as our own self-promoters and salespersons. It’s not an easy to play both the Creative and the Business roles! This book not only provides insight into these challenges, but also gives us some real tools to get past them and make your career dreams come true.RANDA HAINES, Director of Oscar-nominated film, “Children of a Lesser God”
Jim Jermanok has written an extraordinarily wide ranging & deep self-help kit for today’s entertainment business, drawing on his own wealth of experience in this treacherous field. Somehow, he manages to keep all this information clear, concise and often fun. Bravo!HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS, Award-winning Film Composer (“The Martian” “The Chronicles of Narnia” “The Shrek Series” “Passionada”)
Finally someone who knows what they’re talking about. Jim is the real deal!LENNY CLARKE, Actor, Comedian (“Rescue Me” “Sirens”)
I would arm anyone setting forth with the hard-earned, perceptive insights that underlie this guide by Jim Jermanok to the hidden worlds where talent comes face to face with its first audience. Based on a lifetime spent creating the space to create art, Jermanok’s book may prove to be a bible to anyone with a vision of what they wish to achieve but now wishes to be equipped with an understanding of the slow learning curve involved in finally discovering that one day you have become an overnight success.DERMOT BOLGER, Famed Irish Novelist, Playwright and Poet
As artists we all go through the creative pain/pleasure process. But that doesn’t mean we have to suffer to survive. Suffering is a choice we can make or not make. Jim’s book is not a complete painkiller, but a giant leap to end the unnecessary suffering. MEGUMI SASAKI, Award-winning Filmmaker (“Herb and Dorothy”)
Creative career success is becoming harder than ever. Jim provides insights and practical skills that will give you a competitive edge to achieve your goals. It is invaluable!GEORGE T. NIERENBERG, Acclaimed Documentarian (“Say, Amen Somebody” “No Maps on My Taps”)
This is a no-nonsense roadmap for those who want to present their creative ideas with conviction and intelligence. I learned more reading this book for an hour than I have from all other such publications combined.BRYAN MILLER, former NY Times Restaurant Critic and Journalist, Author of bestselling Cooking for Dummies
BEYOND THE CRAFT: What You need To Know To Make A Living Creatively is a must read for anyone who traverses down the treacherous path of pursuing a career in the arts, entertainment or media. Jermanok’s succinct writing style mixed with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor has led to an excellent book that all creative professionals and students will find useful in obtaining their career goals without having to solely rely on the typical gatekeepers: agents, managers and producers. YALE STROM, famed Klezmer musician, author and documentarian ("The Last Klezmer")
Born from his own hard work and years of experience, Jim’s book is a worthwhile personal and useful guide to any “creative” seeking or maintaining a career in the entertainment business. With firsthand knowledge, Jim addresses the truisms with practical advice and an insider’s anecdotes. WENDY SAX, Producer, (“Particle Fever” “Songcatcher”)
Jim Jermanok understands the creative life as few others do. He has worked and taught at the highest level and helped many others achieve real results in this most competitive of industries. If you want to work as a creative this book will really help you.RAY YEATES, Actor, Director and Dublin City Arts Officer

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