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Jim Jermanok is an award-winning writer, director, producer, author and speaker based in NY. He is currently directing and producing a feature documentary about the life and art of Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau featuring interviews by Chris Rock, Diane Ladd, Jon Voight, Woody Allen and Ellen Burstyn. Mr. Jermanok wrote and produced the highly acclaimed romantic comedy, “Passionada,” which was released by Columbia Tri Star in over 150 countries. His film “Em”won the Grand Jury Prize at the Seattle International Film Festival and the Criterion International Inspiration Award. It was released by Vanguard Cinema and SnagFilms. Jim Jermanok recently wrote and directed “Homophonia,” a political comedy film on gay marriage which has appeared at over 50 film festivals while winning several of them. Also active in TV and New Media, Jim Jermanok’s new web series “LIFEADVICE.TV” has drawn tremendous praise since going live globally in November, 2015. Mr. Jermanok is a former ICM Agent who represented Arthur Miller, Shirley MacLaine, John Chancellor, Ben Kingsley, Dudley Moore, Helen Hayes, Alan Arkin and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, among others. Jim also speaks and has conducted over 300 workshops worldwide on the subject of his 2017 bestseller BEYOND THE CRAFT: What You Need to Know to Make A Living Creatively!, Making Your Projects Happen: Successful Film/TV Producing and Financing as well as The Art and Business of Screenwriting.

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Successful Film/TV Producing & Financing

May 5th @ 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Presented by Filmmakers Success and Joanne Butcher
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Successful Film/TV Producing & Financing

May 12th @ 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Presented by RAINDANCE and Tim Lorge
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Jim Jermanok’s bestselling book

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BEYOND THE CRAFT: What You Need To Know To Make A Living Creatively! is a revolutionary, current and insider’s guide to doing what you need to do to make a living creatively. This bottom-line volume offers a unique strategy, philosophy and even vocabulary for the enormous worldwide audience of aspiring, working, and successful creative professionals and students. It is based on those habits, tools, qualities that successful creatives share and is intended to empower you to reach the next level of your career without solely relying on others: agents, managers and other gatekeepers (casting directors, producers, etc.).

“Everyone should read this book!”MARTIN LANDAU, Oscar-winning Actor
“A concise, easy-to-read and fabulously serviceable guide to finding your way round the apparently complex, baffling and unwelcoming world of the creative media. Few people are in a better position than Jim Jermanok, who has done it all, to guide the novice and even the experienced practitioner. Highly recommended.”STEPHEN FRY, Actor, Writer, Director
“Jim Jermanok’s “Beyond the Craft” are the CliffsNotes for people hoping to make it in the business of creative pursuit; a MapQuest tour through the baffling and congested world of entertainment and media.”STEVE KROFT, CBS News Correspondent for “60 Minutes,” 5-time Peabody Award Winner

Using his own real-life experiences from an active and impressive 30-year career, Jim Jermanok will cover: distinguishing yourself; building confidence; obtaining and working with agents & managers; learning the business; effective networking with a simple networking system; the art of the schmooze; evaluating survival and industry jobs; new opportunities in new media, among many other essential topics. Jim was a beloved agent at ICM and has worked with many stars: Alan Arkin, E.L. Doctorow, Helen Hayes, Ben Kingsley, Shirley MacLaine, Arthur Miller, Dudley Moore, Andy Rooney and Henry Winkler, among others. Now Jim writes, directs and produces films, documentaries, TV and New Media.